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The General Assembly of the Mediterranean Confederation of Weightlifting was held in Malta on the 23rd October, presided by Maurizio Lo Buono. The 5th Mediterranean Cup of Weightlifting followed the next day. The ICMG President Amar Addadi assisted by the side of Tamas Ajan’s, President of the International Weightlifting Federation. These events were the opportunity to discuss the role of Weightlifting in the Mediterranean Games and the strengthening of cooperative links in order to raise the level of participation in the M.G. and build a bridge of cooperation for the promotion and the development of Weightlifting in the countries of the Mediterranean Basin. The ICMG President did not fail to greet the constant interest and the high regard of the IWF President Mr. Tamas Ajan, for the Mediterranean Games.

During the event, the Mediterranean Confederation of Weightlifting honoured the President Addadi with the “International Fairplay Award”.

Concerning the competitions excellently organised by the Confederation’s team and the Maltese Federation of Weightlifting presided by Mr. Jesmond Caruana, and besides the high level of performances, the lesson of friendship and solidarity demonstrated by the athletes, should be taken into high consideration. The luggage of the athletes of the Turkish team delayed at the airport, were delivered to them the evening before their departure. The athletes of other teams were mobilised and lent them shoes and clothing for the competitions. Thus, the Turkish athletes managed to participate normally and even to become the winner team of the competition. This was a great example of Fairplay and generosity that amply reinforces the moral values that convey sports and this is the “Mediterranean spirit”.