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To National Weightlifting Federation I.W.F.

Ref. 08/2012
Object : M.W.C. Electoral Congress

    Dear President,
As provided for by art. 8  of the M.W.C. Constitution, we kindly invite you to participate
at the
which will take place on 25th January 2013 at 15:30 a.m. in conference hall of “ Palazzo
Virgilio Hotel” Brindisi- Italy during the 2013 Mediterranean Cup with the following
agenda :
1.    Delegates power control (at. h.15:30 );
2.    Welcome by the F.I.P.E. / M.W.C. Presidents ;
3.    Approval of minutes of the MWC Congress – Israel 2011;
4.    Approval of 2011-2012 Balance Sheet;
5.    Report of the MWC President and the General Secretary;
6.    Election of the President, the Members of the Executive Board and the General Secretary by secret ballot.
7.    Mediterranean Cup 2014-2015 : to be assigned;
8.    Any other business.

Useful information :
•    Each Affiliated National Federation may be represented by maximum 2 Delegates at the Congress;
•    Affiliated Federations are entitled to have only one vote;

       Please find enclosed the Candidature Form which must be forwarded, appropriately
filled out, to the MWC  Secretariat before 24.00 h  on 20th December 2012.

The accommodation will be at PALAZZO VIRGILIO HOTEL” (www.palazzovirgilio.it) Corso Umberto I, 149  - Brindisi – tel.+39 0831 597941.

Every  person will have to pay for accommodation a sum of :

-  € 85,00 per day per person in single room with full board;
-  € 75,00 per day per person in double room with full board.

The Congress documents and forms may also be downloaded from: www.mediterraneanweightlifting.it . More information will follow.

Best regards.

Bari, 06th November 2012

      General Secretary                                               President
  Damianos Hajdamianou                                 Alceste Maurizio Lo Buono