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National Weightlifting Federation of the M.W.C.         
Ref. 04/2009

Object : M.W.C. Electoral Congress

Dear President,
Dear General Secretary,

As provided for by art. 8  of the M.W.C. Constitution, we kindly invite you to participate
at the

which will take place on 28th June 2009 at 10:00 a.m. in Pescara-Italy at HOTEL CARLTON Via della Riviera 35 (www.carltonpescara.it) during the 2009 Mediterranean Games with the following agenda :

1.    Delegates power control (at. 09:00 h.);
2.    Welcome by the President FIPCF / EWF;
3.    Approval of minutes of the MWC Congress – Antalya 2008;
4.    Approval of 2008 Balance Sheet;
5.    Election of MWC Honorary Member;
6.    Election of the President, the Members of the Confederation Council and the Secretary General by secret ballot.
7.    Any other business.

Useful information :
-    Each Affiliated National Federation may be represented by maximum 2 Delegates at the Congress;
-    Affiliated Federations are entitled to have only one vote;

On June 28th at 15,00 h. : Symposium “Women & Weightlifting”.

Executive, Technical staff and sportsmen from all the countries will share opinions on the development and growth of weightlifting movement.

We invite you to consider the possibility that the nation you represent might take an active part in the Symposium by submitting an speech on a woman topic.

Please find enclosed the Candidature Form which must be forwarded, appropriately filled out, to the MWC Secretariat before 24.00 h on 30th May 2009.

The Congress documents and forms may also be downloaded from:       
www.mediterraneanweightlifting.it . More information will follow.

Best regards.

Bari, 22th April 2009

General Secretary                                               MWC President
Alceste Maurizio Lo Buono                                        Esat Ademi