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On June 28, 2009 at 9.30 am in Pescara (Italy) at the CARLTON hotel the 5th General Meeting of the “Mediterranean Weightlifting Confederation” was held to discuss the following points on the Agenda:
1.    Controlling the powers of the delegates;
2.    Welcoming the EWF / FIPCF chairman;
3.    Approving the minutes of the meeting held in 2008 in Antalya (Turkey);
4.    Approving the year 2008 financial statements;
5.    Electing Honorary Members;
6.    Electing the President, the members of the Executive Board and the General Secretary with secret ballot;
7.    any other business.

The following are present:
A- Members of the Executive Board :
     vice President          : Hassan Akkus                      (Turkey)
     Member                   : Emilio Estarlik Lozano        (Spain)
     Member                   : Damianos Hadjidamianou    (Cyprus)
     General Secretary   : Lo Buono Alceste Maurizio  (Italy)
B- Members of Honour :
     Tamas Ajan    (President IWF)
      Urso Antonio (President EWF)
C- representatives of the following countries : 
      for Albania                                 : Perparim Ferunaj
      for the Republic of San Marino : Marino Ercolani Casadei and Sandor Uniy
      for Slovenia                                : Zalubersek Josef
      for France                                   : Jean Paul Bulgaridhes and Soto Michel
      for Greece                                  : Tamoutsidis Antonios and Mayromatidis
      for Bosnia Herzegovina             : Adnan Sefer
      for Cyprus                                  : Damianos Hadjidamianou
      for Egypt                                    : Mahmoud Shoukry          
      for Libya                                    : Manareddui M.Eshelli
      for Tunisia                                  : Ben Amar Mohamed
      for Serbia                                    : Mihalovic Milan and Simic Jubista
      for Italy                                       : Urso Antonio
      for Spain                                     : Matias Fernandez 
      for Turkey                                   : Raif Czel
Justified absentees  : 
     Esat Ademi      (Albania)
     Sadres Eliahu    (Israel)
     Azzouzi Foued (Tunisia)
     Henry Rey        (Principality of Monaco)

The Secretary General Mr Maurizio Lo Buono communicates that the President Esat Ademi, is unable to be present because he is involved in the parliamentary elections being held in Albania today. Mr Lo Buono reads the letter that President Ademi has sent to all the participants in the meeting and that is attached to these minutes.
The Secretary General asks the Meeting to nominate Mr Marino Ercolani Casadei (EWF Secretary General) as President of the meeting and Mr Toninel Claudio and Cifarelli Chiara as poll clerks.
The Meeting unanimously approves.
On point 1 of the agenda Mr Marino Ercolani Casadei takes the floor, welcoming those present and, having checked the validity of the Meeting, declares it open and leaves the floor to the Secretary of the Confederation Mr Lo Buono who greets the President of the world Federation Mr Tamas Ajan and the President of the Italian and European Federation Mr Antonio Urso manifesting his delight and honour at their presence which demonstrates that the Confederation is becoming an important reference and coordination point for weightlifting.
Mr Lo Buono thanks the Italian Federation for their help given to the Confederation from the beginning of its constitution and for the logistic and organisational support given annually.
On point 2 on the agenda the Chairman of the Meeting Mr Casadei leaves the floor to the President of the EWF-FIPCF Mr Urso who welcomes everybody to Pescara, a city which, in spite of the problems resulting from the disastrous earthquake, wanted to fulfil its commitments made before the human catastrophe, by organising the fifteenth edition of the Mediterranean Games. Mr Urso reminds those present that the idea of establishing the Confederation was created in the summer of 2005 with Mr Lo Buono, who as a good organiser managed to actuate and coordinate the planned project: intensifying the relations between the Federations of the three continents of Africa, Asia and Europe which give on to the Mediterranean. This, not simple, job has, however, received the backing of all the countries from its origin. After this Mr Urso invites the President of the World Federation Mr Tamas Ajan to intervene. Mr Ajan, after having greeted those present invites the President of the Meeting to start the work and communicates that at the end of the Meeting he will take the floor.
The Secretary General Mr Maurizio Lo Buono speaks in the name of and on behalf of the President Esat Ademi and all the Executive Board by inviting the President Mr Tamas Ajan to come up on to the stage to receive the “Certificate of Merit of the Confederation” that the executive had deliberated to award for his contribution to the growth of Weightlifting. This award was a due acknowledgement for the energy that Mr Ajan has spent for Weightlifting.
Mr Ajan thanks the Executive for the award and congratulates those present for the meritworthy action which has been performed by the Confederation since its establishment and states his regret for not being present in Bari for its foundation.
Regarding point 3 of the agenda, the Chairman of the Meeting Mr Marino Ercolani Casadei invites the Secretary General Mr Maurizio Lo Buono to read the minutes of the 4th meeting held in Antalya (Turkey) on December 22, 2008 for its approval.
The Meeting unanimously approves the content of these minutes.
As regards point 4 of the agenda the Chairman of the Meeting invites the Secretary General Mr Lo Buono to illustrate the financial statements of the Confederation for the period January, 1- December, 31 2008. The financial statements showed costs of €.3,410.56 and income of €. 4,433.10, with a positive difference of €. 1,022.54. After a brief explanation of the costs incurred, the Meeting approves the financial Statements.
As regards point 5 of the Agenda, the Secretary General, Mr Lo Buono proposes by acclamation, pursuant to art. 8 paragraph b of the Statute to elect Mr ADDADI Amar, President of the Olympic Committee of the Mediterranean Games (COIJM) and Mr ADEMI Esat (the first President of the Confederation) respectively as Honorary Member and Honorary President of the MWC.
The Meeting unanimously approves the elections by acclamation.
Regarding point 6 of the agenda, the Chairman of the Meeting, after having illustrated the ballot method, calls the representatives in alphabetical order by individual nation and gives them a ballot card with the names of the candidates and invites them to vote in secret in one of the specially prepared booths. After the vote, the President of the poll clerks Mr. Claudio Toninel, after having counted the votes on the President’s table in front of everybody, gives the President of the Meeting the results of the election and the Executive Board of the Confederation of the Mediterranean States for the Olympic Cycle 2009-2012 which is found to be the following:

President                   :  Lo Buono Alceste Maurizio (Italy)       with 14 votes
first vice President    :  Turkes Zeki                          (Turkey)   with 12 votes
vice President            :  Azzouzi Foued                     (Tunisia)  with 10 votes
Members                   :   Soto Michel                         (France)   with 13 votes
                                      Belinova Asim                     (Albania) with 12 votes
                                      Mahmoud Shoukry              (Egypt)    with 12 votes
                                      Dolores Maria                      (Spain)    with  9 votes
                                      Mohamed Juma Ramadan    (Libya)   with 7 votes
Secretary General       : Damianos Hadjidamianou    (Cyprus) with 14 votes

Not elected as vice Presidents :
Soto Michel                       : 3 votes
Mohamed Juma Ramadan : 1 vote
Adnan Sefer                       : 1 vote

Not elected as Members of the Executive Board :
Sadres Eliau         : 6 votes
Turkes Zeki          : 4 votes
Adnan Sefer         : 1 vote
Tchobanian Harry : 1 vote

Valid poll cards    : 13
Blank ballot cards :  1
Abstentions           : none

The new Executive Board then nominates the Members of the Commissions which are found to be the following:

President : Jozè Zalubersek     (Slovenia)
Members : Tchobanian Harry  (Lebanon)
                   David Saliba          (Malta)
                   Mihalovic Milan    (Serbia)
                   Matias Fernandez  (Spain)
                   Ertas Hakam Mete (Turkey)

Director   : Barbone Michele       (Italy)
Members : Perparim Ferunay       (Albania)
                  Caruana Jesmond       (Malta)
                  Sandor Uniy               (San Marino)
                  Sadres Eliahu              (Israel)
                  Tamoutsidis Antonios (Greece)

President : Czel Raif                      (Turkey)
Members : Ben Amar Mohamed   (Tunisia)
                    Di Mitri Flavio           (Italy)
                    Attolico Michele        (Italy)
                    Adnan Sefer               (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

The newly elected President Mr Maurizio Lo Buono intervenes by saying that he is delighted for the election and for the work that all the countries have performed with passion and tenacity to bring weightlifting to the highest levels. He also recalls that the Confederation, which coordinates the sporting activity of weightlifting throughout the Mediterranean, founded by 15 countries (Albania, Bosnia, Cyprus, France, Israel, Italy, Malta, Monaco, San Marino, Syria, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey) in Italy in Bari in December 2005, organised four editions of the event called “Mediterranean Cup” in Bari, Palermo, Limassol, Antalya in the first four year Olympic period, under the leadership of the Albanian Esat Ademi and has contributed to spreading the concept of the Olympic ideal (a mix of sport, culture and education) by following the dictates of the Olympic charter and the principles of cultural and religious integration through a process of universal participation. Moreover, he recalls that the Confederation has pursued a political development line of weightlifting by means of an innovative itinerary shared by the whole community of the Mediterranean States, aimed at training through the organisation of annual symposia and through the care taken over the scenography in the competitions which has made them great moments of visibility and pleasure for weightlifting. One of his priorities as President shall be that of helping the small nations and providing incentives to all the nations to be present with whole teams in order to increase the number of participants in the competitions. With the establishment of the Confederation, all the Mediterranean countries have created very important challenges which need the acceptance of all in order to be performed and need to be used by all if they want to join the historical annals of weightlifting. The Confederation intends to be an active party in the history of weightlifting by contributing to the practice of a clean sport and intends to pass on this culture to the young athletes, their trainers and sports managers, leaving behind what is right that no longer exists: doping.
President Lo Buono leaves the floor to the new Secretary Damianos Hajdamianou who thanks everybody for his election as Secretary and proposes the establishment in Cyprus, a central Mediterranean country, of a “Training Camp” for athletes and coaches. The Confederation must invest in a continuous training process because only professional, technical and moral growth can create indisputable values in weightlifting. A training camp may allow the younger athletes from the various countries to participate in collegial post-school training sessions followed by expert trainers, a nutritionist, a psychologist and in courses on the history of weightlifting and the struggle against doping. The will is that of effectively creating a “family of weightlifting” where all the operators can meet, exchange opinions and improve themselves.
The Meeting acknowledges this and invites the Executive Board to actuate all the strategies to be able to initiate this proposal.
As regards point 7 on the agenda, the newly elected President Mr Maurizio Lo Buono illustrates proposal of approving the “Fair Play Charter”, sent to all the countries several months ago in order to obtain suggestions. The charter determines the values establishing the social ethics and bears a series of basic and behavioural standards, the duty of loyalty, impartiality and diligence which must be respected by all those who belong to the Confederation. He asks the meeting to approve it and proposes the establishment of the “Fair Play Commission” and nominates Mr Claudio TONINEL (Italy) as President and Ms Alba DRENAFCI (Albania) and RACHDI Amel (Tunisia) as members. During the edition of the Mediterranean Cup 2010 which will be held in Malta the first Fair Play award shall be given to the person who has distinguished themselves in the past.
The Meeting unanimously approves the proposal.

The World President Mr Ajan takes the floor and acknowledges the complaint against the COJM which has reduced the number of categories in the competition and points out that 91 athletes are present in Pescara (59 men and 32 women) representing 16 countries: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Cyprus, Croatia, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Libya, Morocco, San Marino, Syria, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey. Unlike what is established by the IWF regulations, at the Mediterranean Games only the two Olympic exercises of snatch and clean and jerk are awarded medals and no medal is envisaged for the combined Olympic event because it is not considered a performance. Moreover, for this edition, the COJM has reduced the number of competition categories from fifteen to eleven (four female and seven male) causing disgruntled feelings especially from Spain and Italy. However, if we consider that out of 91 athletes, the COJM assigned 66 medals, we can say that for weightlifting it was a success because no other discipline awards so many medals to so few athletes. Only when all the nations are present with complete teams will it be possible to rally the COJM to reinstate the missing categories. Mr Ajan also invites the vice chairman of the IWF, Hassan Akkus, to intensify relations with the Confederation in order to draw up a project to present to the IWF Executive on how and what to do to help and facilitate the work of and intensify relations with the Confederation. Mr Ajan acknowledges with satisfaction the approval of the Fair Play Charter, a first for world weightlifting, which is in line with the Olympic ideals of the IOC. Chairman Ajan concludes by wishing the new leadership all the best.

The Chairman of the Meeting Mr Casadei intervenes by asking those present if any one would like to take the floor to ask or propose anything.
Nobody takes the floor and the Chairman declares the Meeting over at 12.45 pm.

Read and undersigned in Pescara on June 28, 2009

      The Secretary General                                                   The Chairman of the Meeting
  Alceste Maurizio Lo Buono                                                        Marino Ercolani Casadei