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On October 23, 2010 at 3.30 pm in Malta at the Seashells Resort at Suncrest Hotel, Qawra the 5th General Meeting of the “Mediterranean Weightlifting Confederation” was held to discuss the following points on the Agenda:
1.    Delegates power control;
2.    Welcome by the Malta / MWC Presidents;
3.    Approval  of the minutes of the MWC Congress –Pescara 2009;
4.    Approval of 2009 Balance Sheet;
5.    International Fair Play Award;
6.    Proposal for C.O.J.M. ;
7.   ELEIKO partnership;
8.   VIII Mediterranean Cup 2014 : to be assigned;
9.    Proposal by the Delegates and the Chairmen of the Committees;
10.    Various other matter.

The following are present:
A- Members of the Executive Board :
   President               : Lo Buono Alceste Maurizio (Italy)     
   Members               : Soto Michel                          (France) 
                                   Dolores Maria                       (Spain) 
   Secretary General : Damianos Hadjidamianou    (Cyprus)    
B- Members of Honour :
     Ajan Tamas                      (I.W.F. President)
     Addadi Amar                    (I.C.M.G. President)
     Khaled Mehmed Mahihel (A.W.F President)
C- Representatives of the following countries : 
      for France                 : Soto Michel
      for Cyprus                :  Nicolaides Nicos
      for Malta                   : Jesmond Caruana     
      for Lebanon              : Harry Tchobanian
      For Libya                  :  Manareddin Eshelli
      for Italy                     : Giuseppe Minisale and Toninel Claudio
      for Serbia                  :  Stipan Vert
      for Israel                    : Shully Navon
      for Slovenia               : Zalubersek Joze
      for Spain                    : Gonzales Antonio
      for Turkey                  : Hasan Akkus
Justified absentees : 
•    Mohamed Juma Ramadan     (Libya)
•    Mahmoud Shoukry                (Egypt)
•    Azzouzi Foued                      (Tunisia)
•    Belinova Asim                      (Albania)
•    Turkes Zeki                           (Turkey) 
•    Urso Antonio                         (Italy)

Regarding the first point on the agenda the President Mr Maurizio Lo Buono takes the floor, welcoming those present and communicating that 11 national federations are present and that having checked the validity of the Meeting declares it open.

Regarding the second point on the agenda President Lo Buono greets those present and in particular the  IWF President Dr. Tamas Ajan, the President of I.C.M.G. Mr. Amar ADDADI, the vice President of the IWF Dr. Hassan Akkus and Mr Khaled Mehmed Mahihel President of the A.W.F. expressing his happiness for and the honour of their presence which demonstrates that the Confederation has become a reference and coordination point of great importance for weightlifting in the three continents of Asia, Africa and Europe.
Mr Lo Buono thanks the Maltese Federation in the person of Mr. Jesmond Caruana for his logistic and organisational support provided in organising the training camp and the competition and invites him to take the floor.
Mr Jesmond Caruana greets all those present and wishes them profitable work.

Regarding the third point on the agenda the President Mr Lo Buono goes on to reading the minutes of the fourth meeting held in Pescara (Italy) on 28/6/2009 for its approval.
The Meeting unanimously approves the content of these minutes.

As regards the fourth point of the agenda the President Mr Lo Buono illustrates the financial statements of the Confederation for the period 1st January- 31st December 2009.
The financial statements showed costs of €.1,658.00 and income of €. 1,700.00, with a positive difference of €. 1,394.54.
After a brief explanation of the costs incurred, the Meeting approves the financial Statements.

Regarding the fifth point on the agenda the President Mr Maurizio Lo Buono, communicates that the Fair Play Commission in the person of its President Mr. Claudio Toninel, having considered the requests received and having evaluated them, communicates that the Commission proposes to the Executive to award the "Fair Play Award" to Mr Amar ADDADI for the following reason:
The International FAIR PLAY AWARD is awarded to dr. ADDADI AMAR, President of International Committee of Mediterranean Games, who during his sports career and as result of his conduct has distinguished himself for his consistent Fair play-oriented attitude.
This choice is motivated for particular and daily engagement that dr. ADDADI has devoted to cause of sport, of friendship and solidarity  between people that live our big and loved Mediterranean Sea, becoming for all of us an extraordinary example to follow and imitate.
The meeting unanimously approves to assign the prize provided by Eleiko Company from Sweden by acclamation.
The President Lo Buono invites Mr Addadi to come up to receive his prize and asks Dr Ajan for the honour and pleasure of awarding it together.
Mr Addadi takes the floor and thanks the confederation in the persons of its President Mr Lo Buono, the Secretary Damianos Hadjidamianou and all the national delegates present, for the great honour awarded.

Regarding the sixth point on the agenda the President Mr Maurizio Lo Buono, after a summary of the events during the last two Mediterranean Games in Almeria (Spain) in 2005 and Pescara (Italy) in 2009, following what was discussed as well as reported in the minutes of the Pescara meeting, invites Mr Amar Addadi to take the floor.

President Addadi thanks Mr Lo Buono for having invited him to the General Meeting of the Confederation, as well as Dr Tamas Ajan, all the national delegates present, and the whole meeting for the honour of having been chosen as the winner of the Fair Play Award.

My presence can only demonstrate that Weightlifting, one of the oldest sports in the Mediterranean area, is an active sport which should be followed and supported. After several phone calls and e-mails with your President, I also felt it necessary to be here so that I could have a direct conversation with you all to also clarify some problems regarding the Mediterranean Games.

After a brief communication concerning the current problems regarding the organisation of the next Games to be held in Volos (Greece) in 2013, he illustrates the reasons why the International Commission decided to eliminate some categories of weight for the Weightlifting during the last editions of the Mediterranean Games.
The International Committee envisages that a minimum of 8 male athletes and 6 female athletes must participate in each category. This means that when the International Games Committee receives the participations from the national Olympic Committees, a list is drawn up and only when these numbers are not guaranteed does the Committee cancel the category.
This means that the International Committee has not changes the IWF rules, but has only applied rule which is equal for all sports. Mr Addadi invites the President of the Confederation Mr Lo Buono and that of the IWF Dr Ajan to stimulate the individual Federations and the respective Olympic Committees to participate with the complete teams in order to have the necessary and sufficient number to justify the 15 categories envisaged by the IWF rules.
Furthermore Mr Addadi specifies that the statistics of the participants is undergoing a significant reduction, undoubtedly not for a lack of athletes but for individual economic reasons of each country who consider it worthwhile entering only those who have a chance of stepping onto the podium. This type of policy, despite having economic justifications, does not provide any benefit to the whole Weightlifting family which is thus penalised by seeing itself repeal application of international rules.
As of now 24 countries can participate in the Mediterranean Games after Montenegro and Macedonia were incorporated and if all of them participated there would be no problems. The individual Olympic Committees and then the individual federations have to be canvassed. The invitation is to stimulate all the individual countries to participate and to ensure that the Confederation monitors all the athletes present in the Mediterranean area in order to verify, point out and stimulate the entry of some athletes.

Regarding the seventh point on the agenda President Mr Maurizio Lo Buono informs those present that a collaboration has been established with ELEIKO company, which formulated the following proposal :
For the year 2011 ELEIKO will sponsor the MWC with the following :
•    Sponsorship fee 2,500.00 euro
•    Fair Play Prize
•    Winner prices (a selection of ELEIKO accessories products like wrist, knee wraps, pulling straps, etc)
•    2 ELEIKO banners
•    3 ELEIKO MWC table cloth
•    T-shirt for the loaders
•    Special discount when purchasing ELEIKO equipment
In return ELEIKO would like to have the following from MWC :
•    Only use of ELEIKO equipment on MWC championships
•    Only use of ELEIKO equipment on Mediterranean Games.
The meeting while acknowledging the offer gives President Lo Buono the authority to confirm the partnership and to try to obtain a greater contribution from ELEIKO. Furthermore the contract must envisage the exclusion of the use of ELEIKO equipment during the Mediterranean Games, as that is the responsibility of the ICMG as also confirmed by President Addadi.

Regarding the eighth point The President reminds that in Limassol in 2007, the Executive deliberated to award the organisation of the 6th Mediterranean Cup to Israel for the year 2011 and to Italy for the year 2012. He asks them for confirmation of the will to organise these events from the delegates present. Both Israel and Italy confirm their desire to organise these competitions as previously agreed and promise to send the relevant organisational projects to the Secretary's office. Israel in the person of its delegate Mr. Shully Navon communicates its desire to also organise a symposium on “Physiology and Nutrition aspects in young weightlifters” and communicates, having considered the problems concerning the visa to enter Israel, above all for citizens coming from Arab countries, that it shall be requested well in advance to avoid any problems.
President Lo Buono invites all the countries to keep politics and religion out of the sport. He also asks the countries present why all the countries participate in the Olympic Games and in the World Championships, but not in the Mediterranean Cup and Games.
Then President Lo Buono invites the President of Libya  Mr Khaled Mehmed Mahihel to organise the 8th edition of the Mediterranean Cup in 2014. Mr Khaled Mehmed Mahihel accepts the invitation and declares his country's willingness to organise the competition.
The Meeting unanimously approves.

Regarding the ninth point on the agenda, the Secretary General Mr Damianos Hadjidamianou takes the floor by asking those present if somebody would like to intervene to ask or propose something. No-one takes the floor so the next point on the agenda is discussed.

Regarding the tenth point  the Secretary General Mr Damianos Hadjidamianou informs the meeting that a letter had been received from the Libyan Federation informing that Mr Mohamed Juma Ramadan was no longer a member of the Libyan Federation and asking that Mr Manareddin Eshelli, vice President of the Libyan Federation be appointed in his place. The Secretary points out that the Statute of the Confederation does not permit the appointment of another person because until further elections Mr Mohamed Juma Ramadan will be a Member of the Executive and in the event of his resignation, the first of the non-elected members Mr Sadres Eliau (Israel) will become a member of the Executive.
President Lo Buono intervenes stating that considering the application made, considering that in 2011 the competition shall be organised in Israel, in view of the problems regarding Arab Countries, acknowledging the authorisation of the countries present, he proposes to the Executive and to the whole meeting to appoint Mr Manareddin Eshelli as “Assistant to the President” by virtue of his diplomatic capacities which may give added value to the Confederation, with the aim of stimulating the participation of Arab and African countries in the next editions of the Mediterranean Games and the Mediterranean Cup.
The Executive and the Meeting unanimously approve.

The General Secretary Damianos Hadjidamianou takes the floor and communicates that on the occasion of the European Junior Weightlifting Championship to be held in Limassol (Cyprus)  in order to promote peace, friendships, unity, fair play and the Olympic values between our young athletes, the Cyprus Federation is proud to invite two boys up to 16 years old from each Mediterranean Country affiliated with M.W.C. to visit Cyprus for a week.
All their accommodation on a full board basis and inland transportation as well their activities (entrances to theaters, parks, beaches, etc), will be free of charge, compliments of Cyprus Weightlifting Federation. Different activities will be offered to the participants, focus on a team work and cooperation under the supervision of responsible personnel of the Cyprus Federation. We will do our utmost to offer our young athletes an unforgettable week full of activities and fun. They will also have the opportunity of watching the weightlifting championships as well as going to the beach, visiting archaeological places, going dancing and finally some daily practice and a small competition.
The Executive and the Meeting thank Mr Damianos Hadjidamianou approving the initiative unanimously.

Finally the President Lo Buono, illustrates what was organised with the Training Camp : 10 countries took part (Cyprus, Malta, Italy, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Serbia, Spain, Ireland, Kosovo) with 8 athletes and 10 trainers. The two trainers of the Italian Weightlifting school Carlo Varalda and Massimiliano Febbi, with a work protocol drawn up by Dr. Antonio Urso of the Italian Federation, analysed the athletes present with scientific instruments by performing tests from which the results obtained, if monitored in the future, will certainly provide advantages for the individual performances of the athletes. The training Camp was followed by a meeting held by the lecturers (the author Dr. Antonio Urso was absent for health reasons) which was a great success because they demonstrated and showed technically and scientifically in a simple manner the postural and coordination problems of each athlete participating in the training camp, showing their trainers the problems of each one and the possible solutions. The scientific manager of the Sensorize company, the Lebanese Mr Zok, also took part in the meeting by illustrating to those present how simple the scientific equipment used to monitor the athletes was to operate and apply.

The IWF President Dr. Ajan, who was satisfied with the work performed, complimented the two lecturers and the President of the Confederation for managing to make highly difficult to understand scientific arguments easy to understand. Furthermore, referring to Mr Addadi, he reminded him that that had known each other for more than 30 years and thanked him for the honour of his presence in Malta and for his explanations provided regarding the elimination of some weight categories in the last editions of the Mediterranean Games.
Dr Ajan points out that three members of the Executive Board of the IWF are present at the meeting, the President with his vice President and the President of Africa, because the IWF believed in the diplomatic activity and the fairness of President Lo Buono and thus entirely financed the Training Camp aware that the training could contribute to the growth of Weightlifting. Dr Ajan communicates that the IWF has established that the countries which do not perform activities will not have the right and will be expelled from the Federation; it is hoped that this political decision may stimulate the participation of all the countries in the competitions.

The meeting, while acknowledging the excellent work performed by President Lo Buono and by the Secretary Hadjidamianou, looks forward to the next one in Israel in 2011.

When closing the meeting President Lo Buono says:
I’m very happy today also because the presence of so many important persons is an honour for me and I can say the same for all the weightlifting family of the Mediterranean sea.
I have to thank you all, because with the election of 2005 in Bari as General Secretary and last year as President of MWC, I have had the chance to intensify the diplomatic relationships based on mutual friendship and finalized on promoting weightlifting. My project, my aim and my dream, and I’m sure our project, our aim, our dream, is to contribute to spreading the idea of Olympism. One of the first goals set by our Confederation was to support, increase and develop relationships with minor countries in particular by staging a yearly symposium featuring scientific, technical and methodology-related topics. Some years ago Mr Ajan asked me to go and work in the small countries to help them. Now we are in Malta, next month in Cyprus, next year in Israel.
This year, through the IWF Development program we have had a real support to realize our project. We hope that this support is only the first step of our growth and I want to say thanks to the IWF Executive Board, and a special thank you to Dr. Tamas Ajan who believed in our project and became our sponsor.

Nobody takes the floor and the President declares the meting closed at 6 pm bidding farewell to all those present and particularly thanking Mr Addadi and Dr Ajan for their presence and for the support they have given the Confederation.

Read and undersigned in Malta on October 23rd 2010

      The Secretary General                                                             The President
    Damianos    Hadjidamianou                                                               Alceste Maurizio Lo Buono