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Dear Sir,
as you know, the year 2013 was a special year because the competition that was to be held in December 2012, for various reasons was held in January 2013, the year of the Mediterranean Games.
For the third time in the history, the Mediterranean Cup was held in Italy. The first time in 2005 in Bari, the second time in Palermo in 2006 and in 2013 in Brindisi.
In Brindisi the competition was an apotheosis of success because it has seen the participation of over 12 nations and 38 athletes.

In the 2013 there were special moments such as:
a- Electoral Congress that elected the new Members of the Executive and that reconfirmed me as President.
b- in Brindisi, we are proud to have put together a major media operation; this important event will be broadcast worldwide thanks to an agreement with SKY TV.This agreement has various positive aspects: firstly it promotes our sport; secondly it underlines the spectacular nature of weightlifting and lastly it shows the high level of technical ability in the Mediterranean area.
c- the organization in collaboration with the IWF to a seminar with the participation of qualified speakers include Professor Umberto Trulli and Doctor Paul Aiello who have actively inter acted with the audience.
d- the participation of the Palestinian team, proving that the sport is synonymous with friendship and brotherhood. I would like to point out to you that it was the first time in history that Palestine took part in a intercontinental competition of Weightlifting, where there was also the Israeli team.

We are today in Tunis for the eighth edition of the Mediterranean Cup and we can say that, despite the economic crisis that affects all nations, thanks to the financial support that the Eleiko Sport and the IWF has given us in recent years, we have been able to help several nations to participate in the event by contributing in the costs of travel and stay in the hotel.
We take note that the personal relations existing between all of us have contributed to the growth of Weightlifting and intercultural exchange between all participants.

The Mediterranean Confederation is doing its best, albeit with a little money, that's obvious just by looking at the budget, and this is a demonstration that everyone is helping to pull the rope with a common goal, which is to grow the Weightlifting.
Among other things I should mention that we were the first in the world to develop weightlifting Fair Play Charter identifying and emphasizing the basic values of our sport movement, re-introducing a set of fundamental rules of behavior regarding Fair Play, sportsmanship and diligence. The main message that the Executive Board must send each Member is that Fair Play is the first of the results. As always, in an important and complex organization such as this, the end result of success does not depend on one person, but the synergy of the work of many people.

I had the privilege and honor to work with all of you and I would like to once again thank you and all the Executive Board Members for the extraordinary collaboration, for the excellent proposals submitted, and especially to the sense of belonging felt in this organization. Our priority must be the thing that unites us : the sport, must be the excuse to make friendships stronger, respecting different cultures, traditions and religious beliefs. Our duty, as stated in our Constitution, to give all young people who come to this sport the opportunity to meet different people, to complete their learning experience in an environment built on permanent foundations such as Fair play and Ethics .

I am particularly proud of the Mediterranenan Weightlifting Confederation that was founded in Italy in 2005 thanks to the support of the Italian Federation and which now it became a reality with a bright and promising future.

Once again my thanks to those who believe in me to represent this Confederation.
I take all the responsabilities of this role as an honour and a privilege. Each and every day I try to find new solutions for such an important and vital framework: to organise, plan and realise a beautiful, healthy and clean Weightlifting.

                                                                              Maurizio Lo Buono