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On the 2nd of December 2005 at 8 p.m. in Bari (Italy) at the Hotel Barion on highway SS.96, Brindisi direction, the first General Assembly of the “Mediterranean Weightlifting Confederation” met to discuss and adopt resolutions on the following Agenda:

1. membership applications;

2. appointment of governing bodies:

a- Vice Presidents;

b- Members of International School of Sport;

c- Members of Technical Commission;

d- Members of Medical, Scientific and Research Commission;

e- Honorary President and Honorary Members.

3. 2006 budget and planned activities;

4. selection of Mediterranean Cup venues;

5. organization of collective training sessions;

6. any other business.

The following members of the Executive Board were in attendance:

President : Ademi Esat (Albania)

General Secretary : Lo Buono Alceste Maurizio (Italy)

Member : Akkus Hassan (Turkey)

Member : Emilio Estarlik Lozano (Spain)

Member : Jamal El Deen Salamah (Syria)

Member : Azzouzi Foued (Tunisia)

Also attending: Marino Ercolani Casadei (Republic of San Marino)

Damianos Hadjdamianou (Cyprus)

Avi De Philosof (Israel)

Abdulhamid Shita (Libya)

Marchesson Maurice (Principality of Monaco)

Pascale Grimm (France)

Ledic Anto (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

David Saliba (Malta)

Jozef Zalubersek (Slovenia)

The President, Esat Ademi, took the floor, welcoming and thanking those present, and expressing satisfaction at having been chosen as President of the Confederation.

The President declared that the Confederation would pursue the Olympic philosophy of fostering collaboration between small and large States, and that he would work for the development and growth of exchanges and relations among all weightlifting nations in the Mediterranean area.

The President then called on the General Secretary, Lo Buono Alceste Maurizio, to act as assembly secretary.

Item one of the Agenda: the President reported that membership applications had been received from the following nations:

1. Israel

2. Libya

3. Republic of San Marino

4. Cyprus

5. Malta

6. Slovenia

7. France

8. Principality of Monaco

9. Bosnia-Herzegovina

The General Assembly unanimously approved the above applications.

In accordance with the provisions of the Confederation’s Deed of Association, the above nations would acquire the status of “Founder Members” of the Confederation.

The General Assembly also nominated:




as Members of the Executive Board, which was thus formed by the following members up until the Mediterranean Games, to be held in 2009 in Pescara (Italy):

President : ESAT ADEMI (Albania)

Member : AVI DE PHILOSOF (Israel)


Member : AKKUS ASSAN (Turkey)


Member : AZZOUZI FOUED (Tunisia)



General Secretary : LO BUONO ALCESTE MAURIZIO (Italy)

Item two of the Agenda: for the positions of Vice President there followed a brief discussion, during which there emerged the will for the Confederation to be represented by the members of all three continents. Having heard the wishes of the nations in attendance, the President proposed:

a- as Vice Presidents:

1st Vice President: Mr HASSAN AKKUS (Turkey)

2nd Vice President: Mr AZZOUZI FOUED (Tunisia)

The General Assembly approved the President’s proposals.

b- For the International School of Sport the following:

1- President Mr BARBONE MICHELE (Italy)

2- Member Mr GARCIA BERNARD (France)

3- Member Mr MARCHESSOU MAURICE (Principality of Monaco)

4- Member Mr LEDIC ANTO (Bosnia- Herzegovina)

5- Member Mr GALVAN EMANUEL (Spain)

President Esat Ademi reminded the Assembly that there was the possibility of appointing a further three Members, and asked members whether nations had collaborators with curricula such as to merit inclusion in the International School of Sport.

General Secretary Lo Buono Alceste Maurizio proposed that these three places be left vacant in order to give other nations, for example Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and other nations, unable to be in Italy for a number of reasons despite having declared their willingness to take part in the Assembly, the opportunity to be represented at a later date.

The Assembly unanimously approved the proposals put forward by the President and the General Secretary and duly appointed only the above-mentioned persons.

c- For the Technical Commission the following:

1- President Mr JOZEF ZALUBERSEK (Slovenia)

2- Member Mr ALFRED ELLUL MERCER (Malta)

President Esat Ademi asked the Assembly whether nations had collaborators with curricula such as to be nominated as commission member.

The General Secretary Lo Buono Alceste Maurizio again took the floor, proposing that one place be left vacant in the Technical Commission to give other nations not currently belonging to the Confederation the possibility of taking an active role in activities.

After comments from Mr Assan Akkus and the reply given by the General Secretary, the Assembly unanimously appointed:

as President, Mr Josef Zalubersek

as Member, Mr Alfred Ellul Mercer

and left a place vacant in the Commission.

d- For the Medical, Scientific and Research Commission the following:

1- President Mr SADRES ELIAHU (Israel)

2- Member Mr BEN AMAR MOHAMED (Tunisia)

3- Member Mr ANGEL HERRERO (Spain)

4- Member Mr MEHMET KILIC (Turkey)

5- Member Mr PERPARIM FERNAY (Albania)

6- Member Mr NAGEB ALEAS (Syria)

After a brief discussion the Assembly unanimously approved the proposed names and duly appointed them.

e- For the Honorary President and Honorary Members, President Esat Ademi proposed the following:

° Honorary President : Mr TAMAS AJAN President of the IWF

° Honorary Member : Mr BASZANOWSKI WALDERMAR President of the EWF

° Honorary Member : Mr HANNA BASKHIROUN GAMIL President of the AWF

° Honorary Member : Mr MONICO PUENTEVELLA President of the WAF

The Assembly unanimously approved the President’s proposals.

Item three of the Agenda: the President illustrated the general policies and the activities that he intended to oversee:

a- to organise the “Mediterranean Cup” each year, in the three years prior to the Mediterranean Games;

b- to organise a training seminar for Weightlifting coaches and officials;

c- to be a point of reference and exchange for all nations in the Mediterranean area for solving problems relating to weightlifting;

d- to forge ties with universities and scientific commissions of the IWF and Continental Federations with a view to optimising research and training for the various professions involved in the world of weightlifting;

e- to enact the provisions of art. 1 of the Confederation’s Articles of Association.

The General Secretary took the floor and said that from a financial point of view administrative costs would be met by the Italian Weightlifting Federation in 2006, while all costs and expenses regarding the enactment of the above programmes would be met by the participants or organisers of the various events.

The General Secretary also invited all Confederation members to put forward initiatives in their own nations to contribute towards the growth of the Confederation.

Finally the Secretary proposed a membership fee for 2006 of Euro 100 (one hundred), said sum serving to pay notary costs for the Confederation’s Deed of Association.

The Assembly unanimously approved the proposal.

Item four of the Agenda: General Secretary Lo Buono reported that the following requests had been received regarding the organization of the “Mediterranean Cup”:

2006 – Italy, in the city of Caltanisetta, Sicily (likely date: 2-3 September)

2007 – Cyprus

2008 – Turkey

The Assembly unanimously approved the above requests, and asked the Technical Commission to select Competition Officials to be invited, and the International School of Sport to arrange training seminars during the above events.

All competition costs and expenses would be met by the organisers, while the travel and accommodation costs of selected Competition Officials and seminar participants would be met by single nations to which the participants belonged, barring possible contributions from the organisers.

Item five of the Agenda: General Secretary Lo Buono proposed that a collective training session be held in Rome, Italy, in July 2006, to last a week, for 25 weightlifters, with the aim of bringing together lifters, coaches and physicians in order to compare training methods and systems. A training seminar would also be arranged for the same period.

The General Secretary invited the representatives of nations present to organize similar initiatives in subsequent periods.

Every nation, he added, would be expected to take an active part in these initiatives in order to stimulate and foster the growth of Lifters, Coaches and Officials, with the global aim of encouraging the growth of weightlifting in the Mediterranean area.

The Assembly unanimously approved these proposals.

Item six of the Agenda: there being nothing else to discuss and decide upon, the President read out the present minutes, which were ratified by the Assembly, and adjourned the meeting at 9 p.m., wishing all participants a happy and prosperous 2006.

Read, confirmed and signed.

Bari, 2 December 2005


The General Secretary

Alceste Maurizio Lo Buono

The President

Esat Ademi