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On the 8th of December 2006 at 9.30 a.m. in Palermo (Italy) at the Hotel “San Paolo Palace” the II General Assembly of the Mediterranean Weightlifting Confederation met to discuss and pass resolutions on the following Agenda:


1. Approval of the minutes of the Assembly held on 05/12/2005

2. Withdrawal of Syria;

3. Proposal and possible designation of a Member of the Executive Board;

4. Proposal and possible designation of a Member of the Technical Committee

5. Proposal and possible designation of a Member of the International Sports School

6. Proposal and possible designation of a Member of the Medical, Scientific and Research Committee

7. III Mediterranean Cup 2007 – Cyprus;

8. Proposals from Delegates;

9. Any other business and ratification of starting list


The following members of the Executive Board were in attendance:


Chairman Esat Ademi (Albania)

General Secretary Lo Buono Alceste Maurizio (Italy)

Board member Azzouzi Foued (Tunisia)

Board member Emilio Estarlik Lozano (Spain)

Board member Daminos Hadjidamianou (Cyprus)


as were the representatives of the following nations:


for Italy Urso Antonio

for France Garcia Bernard

for Malta Saliba David e Pirrotta Mark

for Israel Sadres Elyahu

for Lebanon Harry Tchohbanian

for Principality of Monaco Marchessou Maurice

for Republic of San Marino Marino Ercolani Casadei

for Slovenia Zaluserbeh Jozef

for Libya Khaled M.Mhalhel


Justified absence: Avi de Philosof (Israel)

Abdulhamid Shita (Libya)


The floor was taken by Chairman ADEMI ESAT, who welcomed those present and ascertained that the Assembly quorum had been reached. He then declared the meeting to be open.

The Chairman thanked Italy, in the persons of President Mr Urso Antonio and General Secretary of the Confederation Mr Lo Buono Maurizio, who had supported the birth of the M.W.C. and permitted, thanks to their organisational contribution, the Confederation to operate in its first years, pursuing the policies established when the organisation was founded, such as:

a- the regular organisation of the “Mediterranean Cup” in Bari in 2005 and in Palermo in 2006;

b- the organisation of a training Seminar for Weightlifting operators;

c- being a point of reference for all Mediterranean nations for all problems associated with weightlifting;

d- pursuance of the aims of art.1 of the Statutes.


The Chairman then proposed to the Assembly an exception to the statutory provisions for the period up to 31/12/2007, for which the powers which the Statutes reserve to the Executive Board be removed to the General Assembly. This would allow all affiliated nations, in the first years of existence of the Confederation, even those not having members elected to the Executive Board, to take an active part in deciding on the Confederation’s policies.

The Assembly unanimously approved the Chairman’s proposal.

In light of the above, the General Secretary took the floor and informed the Assembly that the Secretariat had received a membership request from Lebanon, and he accordingly asked the Assembly to ratify the admission request.

The Assembly unanimously decided, in accordance with art. 6 of the Statutes, to accept Lebanon as a member nation of the Confederation of Mediterranean States.


Moving on to item 1 of the Agenda the General Secretary read the minutes of the meeting of 5 December 2005 held in Bari (Italy), which had been sent by mail to all affiliated nations.

The Assembly unanimously approved said minutes.

With regard to item 2 of the Agenda Chairman Esat Ademi reported that on 20/12/2005 the secretariat had received a request from Syria to withdraw its membership because of the presence of Israel in the Confederation.

The Chairman, in taking due note of this wish, which was legitimate pursuant to art. 7 of the Statutes, recalled that the Confederation deals with sporting issues and does not take into account either the religion or the race of weightlifters and officials taking part in competitions and in meetings, since, as stated in sub-section 2 of art. 1 of the Statutes, the Confederation shall “foster a spirit of friendship and collaboration among sports-minded people residing in Mediterranean countries”.

The Assembly took due note of Syria’s will.

With regard to item 3 of the Agenda the Chairman proposed, as had been done in the first Assembly held in Bari in 2005, to leave vacant the nomination of a member on the Executive Board, so as to give the possibility to other nations which in the future may decide to join the Confederation of taking an active part in the running of the Confederation.

The Assembly unanimously approved this proposal, deferring to the Assembly due to take place in Cyprus in 2007 the nomination of other Members of the Executive Board.

With regard to item 4 of the Agenda the Chairman put forward the nomination of Harry Tchobanian (Lebanon) Category I Referee, as member of the Technical Commission. After a lengthy discussion the General Assembly unanimously approved the proposal.

With regard to item 5 of the Agenda, as no candidatures from single nations had been received, no one was designated. The Assembly deferred to the Assembly due to take place in Cyprus in 2007 the nomination of any other Members.

With regard to item 6 of the Agenda, as no candidatures from single nations had been received, no one was designated.

The Assembly deferred to the Assembly due to take place in Cyprus in 2007 the nomination of any other Members.

With regard to item 7 of the Agenda the Chairman reported that the secretariat had received a request from Spain and Malta to host the III Mediterranean Cup in 2007. The Chairman, while acknowledging that such requests served to demonstrate the vitality of nations in the Mediterranean region, reminded the Assembly that during the I General Assembly in Bari, Cyprus had been assigned the task of organising the competition in question. This nation had re-confirmed its desire to organise the event. Accordingly Spain and Malta’s requests could not be accepted, but would be taken into consideration for competitions to be organised in the period 2010-2011.

The Assembly approved the Chairman’s remarks, and in view of the withdrawal of the proposal from Spain, confirmed the assignment of the organisation of the “IV Mediterranean Cup” to Turkey for 2008 and of the “V Mediterranean Cup” to Malta for 2010.

With regard to item 8 of the Agenda the General Secretary invited the nations present to send to the secretariat the list of IWF category 1 and 2 competition officials, as already requested in the past, in order to create a relative database.

He also asked nation representatives to ratify the Starting List, and gave out to those present the list of convened Competition Officials and Jury, illustrating the weigh-in and competition timetable.

The Assembly took due note.

There being nothing else to discuss and decide upon, and the agenda items having been completed, the Chairman adjourned the meeting at 1 p.m..

The present minutes, given the progressive number 02, and consisting of 4 pages duly numbered in progressive mode, have been placed in the Executive Board’s folder of collected minutes.

Read and signed.

Palermo, 8 December 2006

The General Secretary

Alceste Maurizio Lo Buono

The President

Esat Ademi