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On the 8th of December 2007 at 9.30 a.m. in Lymassol (Cyprus) at the Hotel Arsinoe Beach the III General Assembly of the Mediterranean Weightlifting Confederation met to discuss and pass resolutions on the following Agenda:

1.    Delegates power control
2.    Welcome from Cyprus/MWC Presidents
3.    Approval of minutes of the MWC Congress – Palermo 2006
4.    Report of the MWC President
5.    Approval of 2006 Balance Sheet
6.    Proposal for a position on the: Executive Board, the Technical Committee, the International Sports School and the Medical, Scientific and Research Committee
7.    2011 - VII MWC Mediterranean Cup: to be assigned;
8.    Ratification of the starting list
9.    Selection of Jury, Referees, TC and Doctor
10.    Proposal by the Delegates and the Chairmen of the Committees;
11.    Any other business.

The following Members of the Executive Board were in attendance :

Chairman           : Esat Ademi            (Albania)
General Secretary    : Lo Buono Alceste Maurizio    (Italy)
Board Member       : Emilio Estarlik Lozano        (Spain)
Board Member       : Daminos Hadjidamianou    (Cyprus)

as were the representatives of the following nations :

for Italy                             : Urso Antonio
for Israel                        : Sadres Elyahu
for Principality of Monaco      : Marchessou Maurice
for Republic of San Marino    : Stefano Guidi
for Slovenia                      : Zaluserbeh Jozef
for Greece                        : Politis Alexandros

Justified absence:     Azzouzi Foued (Tunisia) Hassan Akkus (Turkey)

Moving on item 1 of the agenda the floor was taken by General Secretary Mr Lo Buono Alceste Maurizio, who welcomed those present and ascertained that the Assembly quorum had been reached. He then declared the meeting to be open.

With regard to item 2 of the agenda the General Secretary invited the President of the Cyprus Federation Damianos Hadjidamianou to take the floor. He welcomed delegates and illustrated the organisation and logistics for the competition, the Assembly and the Symposium.
The floor was then taken by President Esat Ademi, who thanked the Cyprus Federation through its President Damianos Hadjidamianou for the help given to the Confederation ever since its establishment and for its organisational and logistical support for the event that would begin in the afternoon under the best auspices, since the competition had been organised at a venue worthy of a world championship.

With regard to item 3 President Esat Ademi invited the General Secretary to read the minutes of the II Assembly held in Palermo (Italy) on 8 December 2006 for its approval.
The Assembly unanimously approved the contents of the minutes in question.

With regard to item 4 President Esat Ademi reminded the Assembly of the derogation to the by-laws, decided at the Palermo Assembly in 2006, valid up until 31/12/2007, by which the powers reserved by the Statutes to the Executive Board were assigned to the General Assembly; this allowed all affiliated nations, including those not having members elected to the Executive Board, to make an active contribution to the Confederation’s policies. The President accordingly invited all delegates to submit to the Assembly any projects or innovations that may improve the sport of weightlifting. He also noted that the Mediterranean Cup was becoming ever more important every year, with a growing number of participants from three continents – Asia, Africa and Europe.
Further to the above, the General Secretary took the floor and announced that Greece had sought membership. He asked the Assembly to ratify the application.
The Assembly unanimously decided to accept Greece’s membership application in accordance with art. 6 of the Statutes.

With regard to item 5 the General Secretary illustrated the Confederation’s balance sheet from the time of its establishment up to 31 December 2006.
The balance sheet showed expenses of €1,339.09 and revenues of €1,700.00, leading to a surplus of €360.91. 75% of expenses incurred related to legal costs pertaining to the deed of establishment of the Confederation, while revenue came from membership fees.
The Confederation’s organisational activities were supported by the Italian Federation, which had made available relative means and instruments.
The Assembly unanimously approved the balance sheet.

With regard to item 6 of the agenda the President proposed:
a-    the appointment of Sultan Bil Al Shiekh Mejren (President of Asian Federation) as honorary Member of the Confederation.
b-    the appointment of Mr Khaled Mehalhal, President of the Libyan Federation, as Member of the Executive Board, to replace Mr Abdulhamid Shita.
c-    the appointment of Mr Eliau Sadres, President of the Israeli Federation, as Member of the Executive Board, to replace Mr Avi De Philosof.
d-    the appointment of Mr Nicos Skiadas (Greece) as member of the Technical Committee.
e-    the appointment of Dr Michele Attolico (Italy) as member of the Medical, Scientific and Research Committee.
f-    the appointment of Mrs Denise Offermann as member of the “International Sports School”

After extensive debate the General Assembly unanimously approved the proposed appointments.

With regard to item 7 of the agenda the President recalled that:
a-    in 2009 a Mediterranean Cup would not be organised since the I.O.C. would be organising the Mediterranean Games in Pescara (Italy) on 27 June.
The Confederation’s elective Assembly would be held at that time and at that venue.
b-    in 2008 the IV Mediterranean Cup would be taking place in Turkey. The Turkey President, Assan Akkus, unable to attend the Assembly due to visa problems, reported that the competition would be staged in Antalya in the month of November.
c-    the organisation of the V Mediterranean Cup in 2010 had been assigned at the previous assembly to the Malta Federation, whose President Mr David Saliba sent an email to the secretariat communicating that accommodation costs would be €70 for a double room and €85 for a single room. President Saliba also reported that the Federation he represented did not have sufficient funds to cover all costs, and asked whether what had been proposed could be accepted by single nations. The Assembly took due note of the declarations made by President Saliba, who was not in attendance for personal reasons, and deferred to the next assembly in Turkey his presentation of the competition’s organisation and relative difficulties.

With reference to the organisation of the VI Mediterranean Cup in 2011 President Esat Ademi invited single nations to submit relative candidatures. The floor was then taken by Presidents Antonio Urso for Italy, Eliau Sadres for Israel and Khaled Mhalhel for Libya, who submitted to the Assembly candidatures for future competitions.
The Assembly unanimously decided to assign:
a-    for 2012 the VII Mediterranean Cup to Italy
b-    for 2011 the VI Mediterranean Cup to Israel
c-    for 2010, the V Mediterranean Cup to Malta. If the task should prove impossible for Malta the Cup would be organised by Libya.

With regard to item 8 the General Secretary asked nations to ratify the starting list.
The Assembly approved the motion.

With regard to item 9 the General Secretary proposed the Jury, Referees, Technical controller and doctor on duty.
The Assembly approved the motion.

With regard to item 10 the General Secretary asked whether anyone present wished to take the floor to put forward proposals. President Esat Ademi proposed the construction of the Confederation’s website, and announced that he would make a personal contribution of €1,000 for the site’s creation. The President invited Secretary Lo Buono to act in order to put on the future site all information and data pertaining to Mediterranean nations and competitions organised by the Confederation.
The Assembly took due note and approved the proposal.
With regard to item 11 of the agenda, there being no other matters to discuss and decide upon, with all agenda items already covered, the President adjourned the meeting at 1 p.m.
The present minutes, marked under no. 04, consisting of 4 duly numbered pages, have been entered in the records folder of the Executive Board.
Read and signed in

Lymassol, 8 December 2007           

       General Secretary                                  President      
  Alceste Maurizio Lo Buono                          Esat Ademi