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On 22 November 2008, at 9.30 a.m. in Antalya (Turkey) at the “Hotel Kremlin Palace” the IV General Assembly of the Mediterranean Weightlifting Confederation met to discuss and pass resolutions on the following Agenda:

1.    Validation of proxies;
2.    Welcome by the Turkish and MWC Presidents ;
3.    Approval  of the minutes of the MWC Congress – Limassol- 2007;
4.    Report of the MWC President ;
5.    Approval of 2007 balance sheet;
6.    Proposal for positions in the: Executive Board, the Technical Committee, the International Sports School and the Medical, Scientific and Research Committee ;
7.    2009 – Pescara : General ordinary meeting ;
8.    Ratification of the starting list ;
9.    Selection of Jury, Referees, TC and Doctor;
10.    Proposal by the Delegates and the Chairmen of the Committees;
11.    Any other business.

The following Members of the Executive Board were in attendance :

President    : Esat Ademi    (Albania)
1st Vice-President    : Hassan Akkus    (Turkey)
Board Member    : Emilio Estarlik Lozano    (Spain)
Board Member    : Sadres Elyahu    (Israel)
General Secretary    : Lo Buono Alceste Maurizio    (Italy)
Honorary Member    : Urso Antonio    (President EWF)

The representatives of the following nations were also in attendance:

Marino Ercolani Casadei and Sandor Uniy    (Republic of San Marino)
Zaluserbek Jozef    (Slovenia)
Jean Paul Bulgaridhes    (France)
Sandalov Yuri    (Russia)
Kurlovich Alexander    (Belarus)
Nicu Vlad    (Romania)
David Saliba    (Malta)
Astrid Hasani and Bedri Cahani    (Kosovo)

Excused:     dr. Azzouzi Foued                (Tunis)    
                          Damianos Hadjidamianou   (Cyprus)
                          Khaled Mehmed Mhalhel    (Libya)

Moving on to item 1 of the agenda, the floor was taken by General Secretary Mr. Lo Buono Alceste Maurizio, who welcomed the house and ascertained that the Assembly quorum had been reached. He then declared the meeting to be open.

With regard to item 2 of the agenda, the General Secretary invited the President of the Turkish Federation dr. Hassan Akkus to take the floor. He welcomed the delegates and illustrated the organisation and logistics for the competition, the Assembly and the Round Table.
The floor was then taken by President Esat Ademi, who thanked the Turkish Federation, represented by its President Hassan Akkus, for the help given to the Confederation ever since its establishment and for its organisational and logistical support to the event that would begin tomorrow under the best auspices.
The President also extended his welcome to the EWF President and all the members of the European Executive Board, who had decided to hold a meeting in Antalya during the Mediterranean Cup. This would undoubtedly please and honour the Confederation, as it meant that the Confederation’s efforts were proving successful in gathering also countries that do not belong to the Mediterranean basin.
With regard to item 3, President Esat Ademi invited the General Secretary to read out the minutes of the third Assembly held in Limassol (Cyprus) on 8 December 2007 for approval.
The Assembly unanimously approved the contents of the minutes in question.

With regard to item 4, President Esat Ademi read out his report (attached to these minutes).
The President accordingly invited all delegates to submit to the Assembly any projects or innovations that may improve the sport of weightlifting. He also noted that the Mediterranean Cup was becoming increasingly important every year, with a growing number of participants from three continents – Asia, Africa and Europe.
The Assembly unanimously approved the contents of the minutes in question.

With regard to item 5, the General Secretary illustrated the Confederation’s balance sheet from 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2007.
The balance sheet showed expenses totalling €527.81 and revenues totalling €1,660.91, reflecting a surplus of €1,133.10.
The Assembly unanimously approved the balance sheet.

With regard to item 6 of the agenda, the President proposed:
a-    The appointment of dr. Matias Fernandez (Spain), as Member of the International Sports School, to replace Mr. Galvan Emanuel.
b-    The appointment of dr. Dolores Rubio Lleonart (Spain) as Member of the Medical, Scientific and Research Committee, to replace dr. Angel Herrero.
c-    The appointment of Mr. Sandor Uniy (Republic of San Marino) as Member of the
     “International Sports School”
In addition, the Secretary informed the house that the Federation of the Principality of Monaco had sent a letter notifying that Mr Marchessou Maurice was no longer part of the Federation. As a result, it was requested that he be removed from the list of the members of the International School.
Following an extensive discussion, the General Assembly unanimously approved the proposed appointments.

With regard to item 7 of the agenda, the President recalled that:
a-    In 2009, a Mediterranean Cup would not be organised since the IOC would be organising the Mediterranean Games in Pescara (Italy) on 27 June.
The Confederation’s elective Assembly would be held at that time and at that venue. The French President, Mr. Jean Paul Bulgaridhes, took the floor asking why the number of medals to be awarded at the Mediterranean Games was lower compared to that of the European or World Championships. The EWF President took the floor, stressing that this did not depend on the IWF or EWF, but on the IOC, as the latter had resolved to reduce the number of medals of many sports, including weightlifting, considering, among other things, that the number of athletes participating in several categories was not sufficient to justify a category.
The house acknowledged.
b-    The organisation of the V Mediterranean Cup in 2010 had been awarded at the previous assembly to the Malta Federation, whose President Mr David Saliba sent an email to the Secretariat informing that the Federation he represented did not have sufficient funds to cover all costs. He had serious financial problems.
     The Assembly took due note of the statements made by President Saliba and invited him to signify his Federation’s will and ability to organise the competition. Mr. Saliba informed the house that an official statement as to whether or not he would be able to undertake the organisation of the above event would be provided before the following Mediterranean Games.
    The Assembly acknowledged and postponed the matter to the Assembly scheduled in Pescara in 2009.

With regard to item 8, the General Secretary asked the nations to ratify the starting list.
The Assembly approved the motion.

With regard to item 9, the General Secretary put forth the names of the Jury members, Referees, Technical controller and doctor on duty at the competition.
The Assembly approved the motion.

With regard to item 10, no proposal was put forth by any of the Commission chairmen or delegates.
The General Secretary took the floor to inform that, in agreement with the President, the Secretary was preparing a “Fair Play Charter/MWC Code of Conduct” draft to be submitted to the Executive Board in Pescara next year for review and approval.
The Code would highlight the values that underlie social ethics and would reflect a number of substantial and behavioural rules as well as the duties of loyalty, impartiality and diligence that all those who belong to the Confederation must fulfil.
The General Secretary was to send the draft by mail, asking everyone to recommend amendments or additions to the proposed text in other to draw up the final draft. The General Secretary was confident that the contribution of every nation would prove to be essential.
The Assembly acknowledged and approved the proposal.
The General Secretary then asked whether anyone wished to take the floor to put forward any proposal. Nobody asked to speak.

With regard to item 11 of the agenda, as there were no other matters to be discussed and resolved upon, and having all agenda items being dealt with, the President adjourned the meeting at 1 p.m.
These minutes, marked under No. 04, consisting of 4 numbered pages, were entered in the records folder of the Executive Board.

Thus done, signed and executed in Antalya, on 22 December 2008

        General Secretary                                                                        President      
     Alceste Maurizio Lo Buono                                                              Esat Ademi