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Seminar at the ‘Mediterranean CUP 2007’


The Winner’s Mentality is not about winning; it is about behaving and thinking like a winner. It is the mind-set that high performersneed to excel, to succeed, and to be the best they can be. 


Winners know how to concentrate and focus, to overcome obstacles and not lose sight of their goals, to learn from defeats, to overcome discouragement and frustration, and to perform maximally.


Winners know how to maintain a winning attitude even in defeat. This is a positive mind-set.


The Seminar is an inside into a Mental Skills Training Program of goal setting, visualization, feelazation (similar to emotive imagery), energy management, effective thinking, and mental toughness.


The Winner’s Mentality cannot be achieved without achieving mental toughness. In fact, one could say that the mental toughness as a cognitive construct is synonymous with the Winner’s Mentality.


                                                    by Dr.Denise Offermann-Loizou (Cyprus)