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doping control difficulties

dr ibrahim yanmis - aNTALYA 2008


We study the technical difficulties of the fighting againts the doping in two main cases as the sample collectors’ difficulties and the sportsmans’difficulties.

The difficulties of the sample collectors

a) The difficulties of the transportation to the destination. In many countries the physical conditions and  the transportation problems causes many difficulties to the sample collectors.

b) The will of some countries for camping at the places with the hardly transporting conditions is an important difficulty.

c) The identity determination difficulties. In the organized forgery, there is a real important difficulty in identity determination of the sportsman. In some cases, some fake identities were determined. Especially, the identity determination is an obligation at the controls out of the competition.

d) At the controls out of the competition, the deficiency of the place, where the sample is taken, has a negative effect on the sample safety. And also not having the adequate number of personel at these controls is another important handicap.

e) Time to time, the sportsmans’ and the companions’ not being up to the foreign language, is also another cause for the problems.

The precautions for the sample collectors’ difficulties

1. The transportation problems of the receiver must be solved. To this end, the easiest way to the sportmans adres can be written with the adres information for WADA.

2. Every country should be focused on the forcing for a full collaboration about the doping controls and annual reports about the doping should be declerated.  Additional precautions must be put on the blacklisted countries.

3. The identity determination must be done by fingerprinting. With this cheaper and safer method, a serious problem is going to be solved.

4. The insisting on taking samples at the physically deficient places musn’t be done and some precautions must be taken for the proper places. After the difficulty about the identity determination disappered, the sample receiving by appointment, will be safer at the proper places and the proper time.

5. For the cooperation of the sportsmen, who don’t know the foreign language, some charts like traffic signs, must be prepared to get the clean samples.These kind of charts can be found at the competition environment, but can’t be seen at the other ambiances.

The difficulties of the sportsman

a) At the controls beside the competition, the sportsman may be seen as a suspect becouse of the time changings of the practice or the extraordinary situations.

b) The deficient sample taking places may be a serious difficulty for the female athletes.

c) Not knowing the foreign language, complicates the communication.

The precautions for the sportsmans’ difficulties

1. At the controls beside the competition, the athletes special conditions must be considered and must be respited to reach to the control point. However, the sample collector may report it.

2. The identity determination by fingerprinting can prevent the usage of stuntman.

3. The proper place for the female athlete must be determined and the sample must be taken there.

4. The communication will be easier with the prepared charts

The most serious difficulty of the fighting againts the doping is the uncollaboration of the athletes. The belief on the having doping of the competitor is the most important cause of this. Some simple and certain precautions must be put on against these wrong beliefs:

1. The doping control sould be done by fingerprinting.
2. 3 months before the competitions, every country sould declare the % 20 extra amount of the sportsmen name. These athletes shouldn’t be accepted to the competitions without the 2 sample giving in that time interval.
3. Fake intended activities must be seriously punished wi