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"Mental Training and Winning Athlete Formula": this was the theme of the seminar organised by the Mediterranean Weightlifting Confederation, in collaboration with the IWF Development Program, as part of the 11th edition of the Mediterranean Weightlifting Championship, held from 16 to 19 November in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


During the seminar, Massimo Binelli - former champion of the Italian national weightlifting team, mental coach for athletes in various sports and top managers and author of the bestselling book "Atleta Vincente" - addressed an audience of about 40 participants, including athletes, coaches and executives from the 11 nations of the Mediterranean sea region. He outlined the techniques and strategies for success that compromise a mental training programme, "the result of the study and observation of thousands of champions in different sports, over 30 years of experience," as the speaker explained.


In Binelli's words, "Thanks to mental coaching, it is possible:


a - to teach each athlete to be able to bring out their own 100%, creating the conditions to ensure each and every one learns to control their thoughts, to improve their internal dialogue and that "narrative voice" that influences concentration, affects motivation and strengthens or destroys self-esteem. 


b - to learn to evoke awareness, stimulate attention and increase concentration, when the athlete has to be at their best in every moment of their life, not just above a platform about to lift a barbell. 


c- to learn to keep anger, aggression, anxiety, and excitement under control


d - to learn effective strategies to increase motivation and self-esteem


e - to learn how to react to failure.


It was explained that it takes a period of at least three months to reach maximum mental power. 


However, when questioned at the end of the competition that took place the following day, some of the athletes present in Ljubljana said they applied the most immediate and effective techniques illustrated the day before successfully. As such, they achieved their best performance of the season by adopting a different attitude based on the confidence that they can do it, rather than the fear of failure.